Archival Pigment PrintPhotography is much like learning to see, as if for the very first time, the essence that lives and luminesces within everything.   It is a miraculous visual music that can be heard and felt, a subtle magical force that is born of trusting my intuition enough to act upon it.  My hope is for the viewer to ‘hear’ it too.


Out of a world with infinite mosaics and their multicolored tiles, I attempt to isolate the singular sharp ringing sound that defines the ‘song’ of an image, simply and without extra or competing elements.  This happens best when I am drawn to a very specific vantage point in time and space.  The harmonies seem to parallel the images of mind and spirit, from which I must be mercilessly selective.  In the eye of the beginner there are many possibilities; in the eye of the expert there are only a few.